Good year for the hostas!

In between the rain showers, I’ve managed to take a walk around the garden and in our newish shade border, the hostas have turned a marvellous luminous shade of bright buttery yellow. In previous years, the hostas have run out of steam by late summer, but this year,

Inside the T-Shaped hedges

they have been spectacular. One of them is called Big Daddy but so far hasn’t proved any bigger than the others! Maybe next year…

Talking of hostas, this year I thought I’d try to grow some from seed (Thompson and Morgan), not with any great expectation of  success, it has to be said. However, I now have around 18 baby hosta plants in the Greenhouse, ready for potting on next spring, and planting out maybe next autumn. T&M offer no warranty on how the plants will turn out as of course many of the variegated and unusual coloured ones are propagated by division and other vegetative means. However, unless it’s my imagination, some of them seem to have different leaf shapes and shades, and some are more vigorous than others, so maybe we’ll get some interesting variety after all…

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