Day out in the Borders!

Enjoyed a break from my toils last weekend at the lovely Teviot Water Gardens, near Kelso. The place to go for water plants, fish and all things aquatic during the growing season, understandably stocks were now low in the plant sales area but the hillside display gardens overlooking the majestic River Teviot still impressed with some late autumn colour.

Natural- looking cascading pools and lush planted terraces are the order of the day with narrow winding paths traversing the hillside greatly enjoyed by the children. Quite a lot of autumn colour still, including some late flowering herbaceous.

Some fine bamboos and the massive-leaved giant rhubarb add the exuberant jungle feel.

Excellent restaurant and up-market gift-shop including a fine foodhall with an excellent choice of locally-produced foods. If you’re looking for some late additions to the pond, though, I’d maybe leave it until the spring, although there were a few small blue orfe left and a modest selection of lilies and marginals.

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