Don’t leave the leaves!


Just finished the last mowing of the policies for the season, although the final mow is more about picking up the fallen leaves from the cherries, acers, rowans and limes. The grass in the walled garden continues to grow, although it too is slowing, Our new grass replacing the productive areas in the walled garden is thickening up well, although is a rather luminous shade of green compared to the more established areas- I wonder if it will tone down next season!

One thing I need to do for the next few weekends is to scoop out the fallen leaves from the lily pond. This is a rather tiresome task but worth doing. This summer was the first year we had total water clarity in the pond, being able to see right to the bottom (it’s about 4’ deep). It’s taken 9 years to achieve this ‘water balance’ and I don’t want to return to the ‘green water’ days if I can help it! Scooping out the leaves reduces the nitrates, which reduces the food source for green algae!

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