Stretching Summer…

Beautiful day today, clear blue sky, 4 degrees C. Prompted me to wander round the garden with trusty smartphone to see whether anything was still in flower. Much to my surprise, there was quite a lot! Come with me on a virtual ramble…image

Cheating a little here, foliage not flowers, but the Cotoneaster horizontalis outside the back door has to be at its best at the moment with its autumn foliage colour, accompanied by a host of little red berries, much beloved by the local blackbird population!

imageContinuing out the side gate and round the south side of the house, the winter-flowering jasmine has come into bloom, and yes, the little yellow flowers really are that bright!

Round the south side of the house, this climbing rose is looking extremely healthy – not sure what variety it is, but imageit’s a fine shade of pink, contrasting well with the shrubby imageHypericum just a little further on with its cheery ‘pheasant’s eye’ blooms.

Round to the west side of the house, now and the sweet scent of the Viburnum bodantense ‘Dawn’ fills the air. This marvellous family of shrubs can be counted on to provide colour at the time of year we most need it; this one will flower right through the imagewinter months, not fazed at all by the chill winter snows.

Meanwhile the Japanese anemones imagenearby still keep on flowering – these are amazing herbaceous perennials and have been flowering continuously since late August.

And back into the walled garden via the main gate, past the rather interesting seed heads of the Turkish Sage (Phlomis), having now turned from a lemon yellow colour to a imagebeige brown, retaining their form for most of the winter. Down to the north side of the garden, past a large-leaved deciduous Cotoneaster imageimageshowing fiery red foliage, past a rather confused foxglove with its speckled ‘tongue’, and on to the rejuvenated lupins which have been spectacular this year, imagestill pushing out strong new blooms!

And we finish our tour with one of our exquisite David Austin roses. image

Clearly, even if we think Winter has arrived, Nature has other ideas, even if you do need to put on 4 layers of woollens to appreciate her wonders!

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2 Responses to Stretching Summer…

  1. Judy says:

    What beautiful blooms you still have. It is winter here in New England, and my gardens are hibernating so it was a pleasure to see your pictures.


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