Countdown to Christmas

This year has got to go down as the wettest we have had for a very long time. In the sheep field beside the house, we’ve had a large puddle that’s been there continuously since the summer, to the extent that I wonder if it will ever dry up. wpid-20121202_084440-1.jpgWe’ve never had this before other than for a day or so after a torrential downpour.

Fortunately, the weather at the weekends has been really quite good with some lovely, albeit cold, ‘blue sky’ days. We’ve had no snow to speak of so far, so we’ve been able to complete the apple and pear pruning – always good to get this done before Christmas.

imageIn the greenhouse, we’ve done the annual winter tidy-up, removing the spent tomato plants, pruning the grape and kiwi vines, and brushing down the paving and the potting tables. The Canary Island palm, the olive and our rather diminutive bay (I think Scotland is perhaps a little too cold for it!) have also come in for the winter to join the overwintering seedlings. The shelter that the glass offers should be sufficient to protect them unless it gets really cold.

We’ve also tidied up the Herb bedwpid-20121221_121319-1.jpg, removing the fallen leaves while retaining the plants that are still green, to give some interest for the next few weeks at least; I also noticed some quite nice rocket that had been sheltering under something else! Everywhere I go now, I’m joined by our trusty Robin, tame as anything, as I help unwittingly uncover his next meal. I’m trying to leave herbaceous plants that still retain some structure; it seems a shame to cut everything back before you need to, particularly as the birds can still derive benefit from some late-season seedheads. Talking of which, down at the foot of the Glen last weekend, in the marshy area, we noticed a large flock of yellowhammers (I think) with their canary yellow bodies swarming around the seedheads of the reeds and rushes – ornithological fast food!

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4 Responses to Countdown to Christmas

  1. Anna B says:

    Your greenhouse looks really nice. We’ve had a lot of wet weather too but today, for once, it seems to be dry and bright! Interesting to hear what you’ve been getting upto and I like the way you’re thinking of the birds. Merry Christmas to you, hope you have a great time 🙂


    • Hi Anna, thanks for your kind message. Well, it’s a bit tidier now anyway! Talking of birds, when I was pruning the blackcurrants yesterday, I finally managed to get a (not very good!) shot of the robin. He features in this morning’s post – just in time!

      I hope you’ve not been too deluged by all the floods – I believe more rain is on its way…

      Have a wonderful Christmas!


  2. Thanks for this. Yes absolutely agree – they need all the help they can get at this time of the year!


  3. pbmgarden says:

    It’s nice you’ve left plants in place to supply seed heads and cover to the birds.


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