Happy Holly-days!


The Secret Garden – uncovered

The Good Lady, with her penchant for all things recycling, has done it again! In the last few weeks, Herself, accompanied by a chainsaw-wielding Grandpa, has been reducing the beech hedge in the Secret Garden to more manageable proportions. Over the past thirty years or so this part of the garden has been “forgotten”, therefore the hedge had become a riot of adolescent beech trees  which have gradually been shading out the espalier wall-trained fruits.  In amongst the tangle of beech was a self-sown holly.Christmas Tree

Driven by a desire to save the poor soul from the impending clutches of the bonfire pile, the Good Lady’s eyes settled upon a pleasingly triangular shaped offcut and this was formally adopted as our 2012 Christmas tree. I was tasked with wrestling it into its improbably small and inherently unstable stand and once I’d forced it through the door simultaneously pulling the prickles out of my head, we proceeded to decorate with the assorted collection of well-loved, vintage treasures from years past (perhaps more  plain shabby than shabby-chic).  Granted, it was a bit of a challenge threading the baubles over the prickly leaves (there’s not an imageElastoplast left in the house) and it doesn’t have the usual pine aroma of a normal tree but it hasn’t dropped its leaves yet, and has the added credentials of being locally sourced and – yes – free!

From all of us at the Scottish Country Garden, may we wish you a very Merry Christmas!

15 thoughts on “Happy Holly-days!

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  2. Happy Holidays to you too! The ultimate in sustainability—a rescued Christmas tree. Very glad to find your blog. I am an irregular reader because I am so busy with my nursery but will try to check in. Have you visited Alistair at Aberdeen Gardening? I am a regular follower of the Scottish Rock Garden Club galanthus forum too. Carolyn


  3. Lovely to find your blog and incredible garden…a dream come true I am sure and one for me as I loved walled older gardens…I look forward to seeing more of the garden and estate…thank you for faving my blog!! Happy Holly-days to you and yours!


    • Thanks Donna! Really enjoyed reading your article on Viburnums. We have V.bodnantense ‘Dawn’ blooming here at the moment. Pink flowers with lovely scent, blooms for most of the winter….Thanks for your comments about our garden. We’re gradually getting there! Happy 2013!


  4. We have a couple of self-seeded holly trees in our garden, which I have kept, since our surname is Holland and we call ourselves The Hollies. You have a lovely writing style, and I am keen on recycling everything, as your Ladywife is! Keep up the good work on both the writing and the gardening. Have a great 2013!


    • Hi Sandi, thank you for your comments – how very kind! The Good Lady does indeed keep me right on all matters recycling. I suspect I’ll end up being recycled one day! Have a marvellous Boxing Day and all best wishes for 2013 too! (PS very amused at Zorro’s recent exploits…)


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