End of the ice age?


The Pond, thaw underway


The Lawn, with the tea cups a-cappucino’d!

It’s been a challenging week in this part of the world with blizzards on Monday and Friday nights and temperatures hanging around 0 Celsius. We’ve been very reliant on the Estate tractor ploughing its way through the 2-3 foot driftswpid-20130126_091454.jpg on the more exposed roads, but the thaw now looks to be on, and it will be good to get back to the garden next weekend hopefully after two weeks of being ‘snowed off’!

As I hope not to be taking too many more snow pictures, at least for a while, here are one or two taken earlier this morning, when the sun came out!


The Kitchen Garden, with the russet stems of the Flowering Currant and the alpine querns in the foreground


22 thoughts on “End of the ice age?

  1. I love your garden’s setting, and as much as I like the beautiful snow pictures, I can’t wait to see it in summertime. Here in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, we have very extreme temperatures, and I miss the temperate climate of the UK. Love your blog. P. x


    • Hello Pam, thank you for your lovely comments! As a newbie to blogging, I must say that I’ve found it really interesting learning about the extremes our friends in the US have to contend with. I realise now that our winters could be a lot worse! But yes,looking forward to the summer, and to continuing the journal! Best wishes to you from the east of Scotland!


  2. Lovely photos! I especially like the one of the pond. We rarely get snow here, so I can appreciate yours! Hopefully, you will have more temperate weather soon and can return to the garden.


  3. You are fortunate that O Celsius is cold for you. That’s a warm day in January for us here in the Midwest U.S. In fact, that was about the temperature we had today, and everyone was out and about skiing, hiking, and walking. We recently had a string of 0F to -10F (-18C to -23C). That was tough even for us! Your snow is so pretty, but I’m glad your ice age is over. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    • Thank you for this. You know, that’s one of the most interesting things I’ve learned from the garden blog community- what defines a winter, particularly in terms of temperatures. Here in the UK, we have much less variance between winter and summer temperatures. I suspect you get some really quite warm summer days to compensate? Whereas sometimes here, it can be hard to tell which season we are in! Your winter temps are quite seriously cold though… =-O


  4. Snow is so beautiful, but I’m glad I don’t see it often. I am awaiting spring’s arrival – the anxious gardener in me says it will be an early one! (At least, that’s what I’m hoping for! ;0)


  5. It is hard to not post snow pictures as it is lovely…we have 2 additional feet and below zero temps..a warm up for a few days will not make a dent in the snow and it will stay until March…but of course we are used to it here…still it drags and can make one blue!


  6. I promised myself yesterday that there would be no more snow pictures on my blog as not only was I tired of looking outside at monochrome but I was also tired of my blog looking so chilly. Luckily the thaw started this morning and by the time I got home from a fab day at Ashwood Nurseries there was green outside, although more mud than grass


  7. The snow is beautiful on your property but maybe soon it will just be a distant memory for you. I like the snow for about one day then I’m ready to move on. Good luck to you in the thaw.


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