Signs of spring…



Polyanthus buds breaking

Just a few pictures this weekend, as we have been spending all our time on drive-maintenance, filling the potholes after the ravages of winter! wpid-20130217_152855-1.jpg

Finally the woodland snowdrops are starting to appear – late this year, after quite a lot of snowfall these past few weeks. This might be one of those years where we get daffodils and snowdrops flowering at the same time as some of the daffs are well through.

The polyanthus too are starting to appear – a cheery show of yellow,  blue and dark red.

We’ve started to water the over-wintering seedlings in the greenhouse again as on sunny days, quite high temperatures are achieved. The baby wpid-20130217_143210.jpgHostas and Rudbeckias are starting to come through. As they will be too little to put out in the borders this year, we’ll pot them on from their modules to 3 inch pots which should get them to a nice size for planting out in the autumn.

Next week, back to the borders for some early-season weeding and pruning!


The Woodland

23 thoughts on “Signs of spring…

  1. I was just given a chunk of snowdrops in a seed swap and am excited to grow them. My primroses are full of new foliage, too. I love how colorful yours are. I am so glad winter is on its way out!


  2. Your spring blooms are completely charming! Every day there is a bit more life out there, a little more swelling of buds, a little more color. It is all so exciting. I love to walk around and see what is happening,


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