Summer days


20130601-180944.jpgSummer has arrived, with two beautiful June days so far – long may that continue!


The bedding-out season has begun. Our youngest had a sunflower-planting frenzy a few weeks ago and these are now all large enough to be planted out, so we’ve given them a flower-bed all to themselves and this should make a great show in August.

The polyanthus, which we bedded out in the autumn near the house have gone back to their ‘resting’ beds near the compost heap, giving us a good space to plant out the Cosmos, probably this week.

Gradually over the next couple of weeks, the greenhouse will empty.

20130601-180208.jpgThis weekend, we’ve been focussing on the herbaceous borders, filling in one or two spaces with our young Thalictrum and Rudbeckia Goldsturm plants which we grew from seed last year. They’ve come on well, although not sure whether we’ll get any flowers from them this year.

There are more herbaceous plants coming on but I don’t want to put them out until they are big enough to hold their own against the more rampant occupants!


The apple and pear blossom has been excellent this year, with all the trees now in blossom. Sadly the pictures don’t really do justice and they certainly don’t capture the wonderful scent that currently fills the air!

Under the apples, the first of the wild flowers are coming through, including the rather-fetching bluebells – interestingly we have a whitebell20130601-180338.jpg as well – presumably a sport, as it grows next to a larger clump of bluebells!

Meanwhile the garden is full of baby birds, including 8 pheasant chicks20130601-175930.jpg which emerged from their nest atop our compost heap early in the week!


19 thoughts on “Summer days

  1. Beautiful garden and pictures, I’m very envious of that bid wall with pear and apple trees trained and in bloom… And that yellow peony is just huge, I love it. You have a beautiful garden.


  2. Our Summer is here as well and the warming sun has enticed the perennials to begin to pop. Peonies and Iris share center stage right now. Love the changing of the seasons… and your gardens do it so gracefully.


    • Thank you for your kind comments! Actually though, all those pictures are of fruit trees rather than roses. In truth, we have very few climbing roses – they are developing buds at the moment and likely to start flowering in 10 days time or so.


  3. I’m clearing away slimy yellow and brown bluebell foliage this weekend. So glad I get to enjoy them again with you. (And to think, some believe time travel isn’t possible.) The garden is lovely and I’m looking forward to the big show of perennials soon.


  4. I envy you your lovely, large garden until I look at my little 70′-square back garden and realize how much I haven’t gotten to. Then, I content myself with enjoying yours. Keep the pictures coming; I so enjoy visiting your space.


    • Thanks Donna! I have to say that 70 square feet does rather appeal as the lists of tasks gets longer and longer at this time of year! We don’t aim to be National Trust standard, fortunately, but just create a nice space with character and atmosphere. And weeds play a part here!


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