The Roses of Success!

20130723-072902.jpg20130723-072917.jpg20130723-073043.jpg20130723-072931.jpg20130723-073117.jpg photo roses 3 photophoto roses 2


The prolonged period of warm dry weather has brought on the roses and the Hybrid Teas are looking particularly good at the moment with their large bright blowsy blooms in all shades of purple,red, pink, orange, yellow and white. And their scent is marvellous, each rose with a subtly different tone.

We don’t lavish a lot of care on our roses although they did benefit last spring from some home-made compost. What I think may have helped, though, is a very hard prune in the late winter. This seems to have resuscitated the weakest plants which hardly put any growth on last year as well as creating an amazing surge of growth on the more vigorous varieties.

I thought I’d take these pictures now as the thunder storms have arrived with heavy rain showers, after which times roses seldom look their best!




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12 Responses to The Roses of Success!

  1. The roses are so beautiful especially is your setting. Love it!


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  3. Lovely post. The roses are beautiful.


  4. Oh, wow! What a show. When I was in Scotland this time last year, the roses were not at their best because of the rainy summer. Looks like the hot and dry has done you good!


  5. lyntochter says:

    Our roses suffered badly this winter and were very slow getting started but beginning to put on growth now. Our two ramblers though have been brilliant, Malvern Hills and Zephrine Drouin in particular. Our bed roses are mainly English roses so maybe the Hybrid Tea have fared better. Yours are looking very healthy – lovely colours.


    • Thanks Lyn, yes, we too had a very slow start to the rose season with that cold spring. But they seem to have loved the warmth and all the sunshine. Even our new David Austin roses (which I put in during April as bare roots) are now full of flower!


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