Fiery foliage


Another beautiful weekend. September in the south-east of Scotland has, for the most part, been a bonus summer month, with temperatures in the high teens. Despite this, Nature is not fooled and the trees have started to turn, led by this beautiful Cherry. When the sun is shining on its leaves, the tree almost seems on fire. Sadly it’s a fleeting show, as you can see from the leaves on the grass, providing a mirror image of what remains aloft.


Another busy weekend in the garden. The grass round the outside of the house, exposed to the south westerlies, is starting to slow down, so probably won’t require more than a couple more mowings for this season. The weeds too are a little less vigorous, although it’s amazing to see seeds germinating still, so late in the season.

Next week  we will start the hedge trimming – rather later than usual but we should be able to get it all done before the first serious frosts come in November.


Mesembryanthemum carpets, compensating for the lack of late-summer Hybrid Tea blooms. The roses stopped flowering for a while possibly caused by the prolonged dry spell from early June to early August. However, buds are now plentiful and we should see a good mid-late Autumn show.

9 thoughts on “Fiery foliage

  1. Wow your seasons are short there. Seems like I was just viewing your spring flowers! The past few sunny weeks here in VA ~ deliriously perfect with cool nights and days in the 70’s F. Leaves just beginning to turn, yet grape tomatoes still thriving on the vine…this time of year aren’t we all glad to be gardeners?


  2. Your Cherry’s fiery foliage is amazing! I am waiting for the woodlands around me to put on their autumn colors. A few trees have started to turn, so it won’t be long. After that, we will be buried under a sea of leaves!


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