The Last Attraction

20131013-150022.jpgAs the water in the pond starts to cool and the daylight hours shorten, we don’t tend to see water lilies flowering here much beyond early September. Imagine my surprise, then, when on Sunday past, I spotted this beautiful bloom of Nymphaea ‘Attraction’ at 8.30am, hours before water lily flowers tend to open even in high summer! Held in suspended animation, its final flourish before the winter arrives!

(with apologies for poor photo quality – better images at Consider the lilies)

4 thoughts on “The Last Attraction

  1. Thank you for visiting the Gardens of Chiconia, and Liking them. We are poles apart in our gardening experiences: you have cool temperate weather, I have hot, wet tropics. You have the luxury of space, my garden is microscopic. You’re slowly easing into autumn, and we’re facing the hottest spring since records began. I’m interested and amused to note that even with such divergent points to work from, gardeners can still find something to say to each other! Your garden is beautiful, your photography is elegant and accomplished. I think I’d better raise my game… Kate


    • Hi Kate, thanks for dropping by and for your kind comments. Tropical Queensland sounds fascinating and I still find it amazing that, on the same day, two gardens, their climates and how we tend them can be so different. October, I suppose, is our rainy/stormy month, with occasional quite warm days, although there is much less heat in the sun. Last night saw heavy rain and it’s pretty windy outside still but hopefully later I’ll be able to get on with the hedge-clipping! Greetings to you from South east Scotland!


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