Two for tea!


The hedge trimming season has finally started at the Scottish Country Garden!

These yews we call ‘the teacups’. Judging by their girth, these were probably several metres high at one stage, but we have continued to keep them short in order to allow the light to reach the east-facing border. Curiously one of them even has a blackcurrant bush growing inside it, the gift of an erstwhile blackbird!


the Yew ‘tea-cups’ with Dahlia ‘TM Mixed’ and a Mahonia in the background, with its yellow flower spikes starting to colour up

Sadly limitations in our topiary skills have meant that our tea-cups have no handles, but perhaps that might be a project for my retirement!

More about the hedges in a future post…


6 thoughts on “Two for tea!

    • Thanks for dropping by! The greenhouse is an old friend – it’s been here for many years and is actually two screwed together! It has a door at either end and we think it had a life at another garden before it came here! It has a fitting for a lightbulb for example but there has never been a power source for it, as far as we know! You too have a beautiful place!


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