Autumn reflections


The Pond, looking north to the Policies, reflecting Rowan (Sorbus) and Acer species

Not a lot of interest over at the pond now. The water is cooling and the water lilies have finally finished blooming. And yet, on a calm day, it provides a looking glass for the world above.

This has been a wonderful autumn and it’s hard to believe that we’re now in November. The combination of comparatively warm nights for much of October, (just 10 days or so ago, the overnight temperature held at 14 degrees, warmer than  most summer nights), dampness and relatively few winds have kept the leaves on most of the trees for much longer. We are seeing some wonderful colours from our Birch and the Beeches along the drive, and this Acer ‘Crimson King’ which usually drops it leaves very soon after colouring up. Meanwhile the larches on the other side of the walls are only just starting to adopt their golden autumnal mantle.

The last few nights, though, have been noticeably colder and some of the larger trees, such as the sycamores, have now shed most of their leaves. Leaf-raking season is upon us!


… and looking south over the fields, with Acer ‘Crimson King’ in the background. Under the trees, in the long grass, is a ‘toad hotel’ of old rotting logs!


close-up of Acer ‘Crimson King’


Beyond the pond looking north-west to the Beeches on the drive. The yellow tree is an Ash.

12 thoughts on “Autumn reflections

  1. Lovely Acer – thanks for the pictures. We’ve only had one frost so far and, like you, a warmish October. If we could only leave the rain behind, we might get some autumn colour!


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