All change


Acer atropurpureum (autumn colouring)

Autumn has finally bared her white, sparkling teeth. Last week finally saw the arrival of our first frosts.


The cheerful Bishops’ Children (Dahlias) have bade their farewells, for the cold they cannot cope with. Many of the late-flowering perennials too have succumbed. Not much colour remains in the herbaceous borders but there is still some structure and we shall leave what’s there until it looks unsightly.





The sharp frosts will hasten what has been a very slow leaf-fall. The oaks, limes and beech here still have good heads of leaves, but for not much longer, I suspect.


Acer (close-up)

This Acer atropurpureum, sheltered in the north-west corner of the walled garden is just at its best, its dark leaves intensifying to more firey shades.

And so, the garden starts to prepare for winter…


Metasequoia glyptostroboides, the Dawn Redwood, autumn colour


frosted Phlomis seed-head


the Larch trees, sheltering the Walled Garden to the north

6 thoughts on “All change

  1. Things look great there and I’m glad you’ve enjoyed a lingering fall. It is sad to see the dahlias go though….. will you be saving any tubers or will it be back to seeds for next time?
    Somehow my fat fingers on the phone screen must have deleted your blog from my list, I’m glad I noticed, and it’s been nice catching up on the last few posts!


    • Hello Frank! Thanks for coming back! It has indeed been a good autumn, with still some great colours!

      We don’t save the tubers, no. I have done it in the past, though, with some success although you need to watch out for mould.

      Nowadays we grow from seed for ease; the young plants grow amazingly fast!


  2. How tidy all things look there! Somehow, the growing season seemed short this year. How do you feel? I just rescued an Acer from the clearance table at the home center, and hope it one day shows off like the one in your post today.
    Happy frosty days and cozy nights! Diane


    • Hi Diane, great to hear from you! I think we’ve had a good growing season in Scotland this year after last year’s washout. It did take a while to start, though, with a late and cool spring, but the warmth and moisture this autumn has kept the trees in leaf for far longer than usual. Good luck with your Acer! They are a most rewarding tree to grow!


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