Maple glow


Autumn colours can be so fleeting. These pictures, of an Acer in the policies, were taken just last week; this week, the leaves have gone.

This week, the Good Lady has been digging out the end-product of last year’s leaf-raking – some lovely dark crumbly leaf-mould which we’ll use to improve a rather impoverished flower bed just outside the gates to the Walled Garden. We’ll probably plant it with a selection of shade-loving plants as it faces west and is sheltered to the south by the house wall.

I used to think that plants for shady places were rather boring, until I discovered an excellent specialist nursery, Longacre Plants in Somerset (, which specialises in, well, plants for shade! We purchased most of the plants for our shade border in the Walled Garden a couple of years ago and they arrived beautifully-wrapped and beautifully healthy. I’ll be checking out their website again soon, I suspect.

That, though, is for next year. For now, it’s on with filling the leafmould box with this year’s leaves which tumble down around me as I type!20131117-185005.jpg

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8 Responses to Maple glow

  1. It’s lovely seeing maple leaves still..all ours are long gone replaced by bare branches laced with snow.


  2. Wonderful to see such beautiful colour after a very grey morning on the the plot.


  3. bittster says:

    The maple looks amazing. I hope someday my own will take off and put on such a nice show. Right now I believe it’s still holding it’s second transplanting against me. Once the roots dig in and it puts on some healthy growth I think it will color up a little better rather than just going brown.
    I will not be looking at more shade plant ideas. Maples and such need to get bigger before I can entertain any more shady plant thoughts!


  4. pbmgarden says:

    It is always a pleasure to see what is happening in your special garden. I will check out the website for shady plant ideas.


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