From snow to snowdrop…


the first of the Snowdrops flowering in the Woodland

018While the snow has more or less gone here –  and we only got a light dusting here compared with much of Scotland, it’s been a cold week with temperatures sitting around 0 degrees C. And yet, despite the rock-hard ground, the snowdrops still manage to keep growing. This is the first weekend that the flowers have been properly out, although those that have managed to snatch a glimpse of the winter sun have stolen a march on the others.

Good to see some of the earlier daffodils nosing through as well, although the ones we planted in the autumn have yet to make their debut.

This weekend, we’ve been continuing to work on the apple and pear trees, trimming each twig back to just one bud above the basal cluster. This has to be done by hand with a pair of secateurs, and we have around 80  fruit trees in the Walled Garden so this task takes most of the winter months! A pair of warm gloves are essential for this task, as one’s fingers quickly turn to blocks of ice, and I wouldn’t be without my Gold Leaf ‘Winter Touch’ gloves, the only gardening gloves I’ve discovered so far that actually do keep your hands warm when the mercury sits around zero!

13 thoughts on “From snow to snowdrop…

  1. I hope last week’s snow didn’t deter you too much with the fruit tree work. I’ve still got no tete a tete daffodils in flower in my Perthshire garden. Hopefully our weather will improve for the weekend 🙂


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