Winter, a time of short days, contrasting skies of either astonishly bright blue or dark battleship grey, a time when the giants in the garden slumber, when form and outline take over from texture and colour…and yet there are still surprises to be discovewpid-20130119_092629.jpgred.

Some plants are growing – hellebores, aconites, snowdrops – despite the sub-zero temperatures wpid-20121118_123339.jpgovernight and the flurries of snow. In the wood, the snowdrops are stirring underneath the leaf-litter. On a still day, the scent from the viburnums and mahonia hits you as you stop to admire their blooms. The polyanthus and the winter pansies seem determined to flower before anything else. A time when the evergreen laurels, bamboo, ferns and conifers come into their own. A time to plan, a time to dream before the garden year starts all over again…

wpid-20121201_103915.jpgwpid-20130119_093745.jpgwpid-20130119_093048.jpgwpid-20130119_094055.jpgwpid-20130119_092808.jpgwpid-20130119_094008.jpgsouth border with greenhousewpid-20130105_120706.jpg


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